Track 1:

 SAN CCPD Monitoring & Support site visits

Appraisal of the South African Nursing Structures for Successful Implementation of the National Health Insurance (NHI)

 Strengthening the occupational health clinic for management of TB and HIV in the workplace at Universitas Academic Hospita

Track 2:

 Role of impairment committee of the SANC

The perceptions of family members with regards to raising HIV and AIDS awareness within families in a village in the North West province

Track 3:

Operational managers experiences of a culture of blame following nurse related adverse events in a regional hospital in Gauteng

Assessment of professional nurses’ knowledge and skills in financial management in selected health care centres

The experiences of operational managers in the management of the poor performance of nurses

Implementation of national professional assessments for licensing to practice

Track 4:

 Nurse educators’ and managers’ perceptions on collaboration in implementing PBL in nursing education in RSA

Professional misconduct and its affairs

 Exploring the status of clinical lecturers in nursing education

Perceptions and Opinions of Nursing Students on the Use of Computer Technology (CT) for Teaching and Learning

Learning Opportunities, Objectives and Outcomes Platform (LOOOP)

Track 5:

First year student nurses’ experience with death and dying of a patient in clinical practice

The worth of a nursing student in clinical placement in the Northern Cape

Survey of the recently qualified enrolled nursing auxiliaries and enrolled nurses on their employment status


EBP Diagram

Closing the gap in research: Nurses research skill preparedness


Ideal clinic realisation and Maintenance




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